The Piano Place Policies


FRONT DESK PHONE (Draper & Lehi): 801-893-2417

PHONE LINES OPEN: Mon-Thurs 8am- 8pm and Fri 8am-5pm
Phone lines closed Sat and Sun. Please leave a message and we will get right back to you!




To withdraw from lessons, one must provide 30-days notice to The Piano Place administration by calling 801-893-2417 or emailing In contacting The Piano Place administration, you will be sent an official Piano Place withdrawal form, that upon completion will ensure your student is removed from both the scheduling and billing system.

If less than 30-days notice is given, a $50 (per student) fine will be assessed—no exceptions. Please note that in the event of immediate withdrawal, NO tuition will be prorated or refunded after a pay period has already been withdrawn, however, students may continue to attend lessons until all lesson credits have been redeemed. Time slots will not be held for students that choose to take time off.

If a student plans to withdraw at the end of a semester, 30-days notice and completion of official Piano Place withdrawal form is still required as the semesters are not automatic breakpoints in the schedule.


Please try to make every effort to accommodate your scheduled lesson time. If you do need to miss your lesson, please kindly give your instructor at least 24-hours notice. Forgotten or missed lessons (no shows) or any other lessons that fail to provide 24-hours notice, will NOT be eligible for a makeup lesson. No exceptions.


STUDENT CAUSED ABSENCE (When the teacher is available and ready to teach but the student cancels with 24 hrs notice)
At The Piano Place, we know life is busy and things come up, that is why it is our policy is to offer one makeup lesson per student per semester.
Because of the limited room availability at the studio and the other demands on our teacher’s schedules, student caused makeup lessons will only officially be offered during the Recital Week or otherwise throughout the semester at the instructor’s convenience. Teacher’s may opt to provide makeup opportunities by informing parents of any cancellations or openings they have come up throughout the weeks or they can choose to designate a specific day or time towards makeups.
Please note that it is the parent’s sole responsibility to initiate and schedule any student caused makeup lessons prior to the end of the semester. Makeups will not roll over from semester to semester. No reimbursement or monetary credit will be given to those that missed lessons and do not pursue or take advantage of makeup opportunities provided by the instructor. In addition, if a student schedules a makeup lesson and then has to cancel or otherwise no shows for any reason, no additional makeup opportunity will be offered.

INSTRUCTOR CAUSED ABSENCE (When the student is planning on lessons but the teacher has to cancel)
Our instructors strive to do everything they can to maintain their scheduled lessons. If ever one of our instructors is unable to attend a lesson and is able to provide notice in advance, The Piano Place will coordinate a substitute to fill in on the teachers behalf. We expect these occasions will be very few and far between. Students will not be refunded tuition or granted a makeup lesson if they choose not to attend lessons with the provided substitute.

All substitutes go through a training process and are observed alongside our other instructors. If a teacher cannot provide adequate notice of their absence due to an emergency and The Piano Place is unable to coordinate a substitute, makeup lessons will be offered by the instructor at the student’s convenience. These makeups are to take place within 30 days of the teacher’s absence and will be initiated by the teacher. Please note that these makeup lessons do NOT count towards the permitted one/ semester/ student as previously described.

If schedules cannot align or situations otherwise prevent a makeup from being conveniently scheduled due to a teacher absence, one may contact to discuss the possibility of a lesson credit. Lesson credits will ONLY be applied under the circumstance of an “instructor caused absence,” and will be evaluated on a case by case basis by The Piano Place admin.

In an effort not to spread sickness to teachers and other students, we kindly ask that students do not come in to the studio in the event they are sick with a contagious illness. Instead, our teachers will offer remote lessons using technologies like Skype and FaceTime to carry out the lesson during the normal scheduled lesson time. If the student is unable to attend the regular lesson remotely, students will be eligible to makeup the lesson using their one allotted (student caused) makeup lesson per semester.

We occasionally get requests for a student to take a temporary leave of absence due to Injuries, seasonal sports, busy schedules or other temporary conflicts with their designated time slot. Unfortunately, because of the way our teacher’s schedules are booked out in blocks of time, we cannot hold spots for students that choose to take extended time off. With that said, our admin team will address every situation on a case by case basis and do everything they can to come up with some sort of temporary solution. In the event they are unable to make something work please read through the suggestions below as other potential options for how to keep your time slot while still making the most of it!

When signing up for music lessons at The Piano Place, you are buying a slot of time from one of our instructors. Since you own it, you can use that time any way you want. With only one makeup lesson/ semester/ student offered, The Piano Place is open to families using the allotted time in other ways. For example, if a student is unable to attend a lesson, parents may use the time slot to send another child in their spot or even take the opportunity to try out a lesson. However you choose to use the time is entirely up to you. Our instructors will be here ready for the lesson.

Another way students can take advantage of their time slot is by temporarily swapping lesson times with another Piano Place student taught by the same teacher. Please notify your instructor in advance of any swapped lesson times. Please note that The Piano Place administration will not facilitate these trades. Students must make these trades and arrangements among themselves. Should any confusion arise from the trade and both students show up for a lesson at the same time, the instructor will teach the student who regularly attends that lesson time. No make-up lessons will be offered in the event of a misunderstanding between students.


The Piano Place takes students all year round in a system of open enrollment. All of our instructors schedules are booked through the front desk. Students can also pre-register in advance for future semesters. Pre-registrations will be placed first come first serve. Please fill out a contact form through the website to submit an inquiry or call 801-893-2417.

(To meet our teachers please click here!)

The Piano Place uses semesters as an internal way to track student’s goals, store points, etc. Please note that these semester breaks have nothing to do with scheduling. Time slots will automatically roll over from semester to semester. There will be no need to re-sign up in between semesters, unless there is a conflict with the time making a change necessary. If a student intends to withdraw from lessons at the end of any given semester they will still need to follow the official withdrawal policy stated above.

The semesters break down as follows:

Spring: January – May
Summer: June – August
Fall: September – December

The schedule at The Piano Place will carry over from spring semester and remain the same throughout the summer months. For example, if you attend lessons at 3:00 pm on Mondays during the spring and fall semesters, you will also maintain that same 3:00 pm Monday spot throughout the summer. Any exceptions to the existing schedule will be made known to parents by the Piano Place administration as well as individual instructors.

We know summers can be a very busy time, that is why we have made makeup lessons during the summer months especially convenient should a student ever need to miss their regularly scheduled lesson.

The Summer makeup policy is slightly different from that of spring and fall in regards to how a makeup lesson credit is given and the flexibility. If a student ever needs to miss their regular 30 minute private lesson, they will have the option to makeup that lesson by scheduling and attending a “workshop.” The Piano Place will host 50+ different workshops opportunities throughout the summer months on various topics like beginning songwriting, ear training, chording/ improv, musical history, theory, technique, etc. Each workshop will be conducted by a member of The Piano Place staff in areas that they are especially familiar or qualified in. Students can sign up for a workshop with any Piano Place teacher and are not required to attend their specific instructors workshop. These workshops will take place in a small group setting and last 45 minutes.

Signups for workshops will go out a month prior to the start of summer lessons so families can plan ahead around vacations or any other conflicts. Students will be entitled to attend one workshop per absence they accrue over the course of the summer. Students that would like to attend camps in addition to regular lessons and not as makeup lessons should be in touch with We would love to have you attend!

The Piano Place will also host a series of different Summer camps. A camp is multi-occasion series of classes where a teacher hosts several lessons on a topic of their specialty. In the past we have done musical theatre camps, chording/ improv piano camps, acting camps, audition prep camps etc. These camps are optional and are paid for outside of normal tuition. These camp opportunities cannot be used to redeem makeup lesson credits. A schedule of these camps will go out at least one month prior to the start of summer lessons.

Unfortunately, The Piano Place is not be able to hold time slots for anyone that chooses to take the summer off. If you do wish to be removed from the summer schedule, please follow the same procedures outlined in our “withdrawal” policy above. Students can be placed on our fall waiting list and will be accommodated first come first serve. Many of our teachers schedules are completely full and already taking waiting lists for fall. We have tried to make summer as flexible as possible so as to allow students to stay on the schedule and not lose their spot.


At The Piano Place, the majority of our students attend a 30-minute private lesson once a week. This is typically plenty of time to cover all the necessary material, but some more advanced students may find they want more time and would benefit from a 45, or even 60-minute lesson. If you are interested in a longer lesson, please let our front desk know and we would be happy to and accommodate your request. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.

To learn more about semi-private or group lessons, click here.

Please email for pricing specifics as they vary depending on teacher and location.

Lessons can be paid in one of two options, either month-to-month or by semester ($15 discount).

Payments will be set up through a secure third-party auto-pay system. You can register either with your bank account information or with a debit or credit card. Please note, card transactions will incur a small processing fee. You will receive notice of the amount due for that pay period 10-days prior to the money being automatically withdrawn.

Tuition is non-refundable and will not be adjusted or prorated for students that withdraw early or miss scheduled lessons. (Please see Withdrawal Policy)

Because the number of weeks varies from month to month, we will periodically provide billing schedules via email. Please note that invoices are sent every four weeks. If you have any questions about the billing periods please feel free to reach out to


Performance Class Week typically takes place twice a year and serves as a dress rehearsal for the two major Piano Place recitals. Students will participate in one of two different types of Performance Classes, either an Individual Performance Class, which will be held during normal lesson times 1-on-1 with their instructor the week leading up to the recital, or Group Performance Classes where students will signup to attend small group lessons with some of their peers in the week preceding the recital. Typically students will participate in an Individual Performance Class in preparation for our summer concert and do a Group Performance Class for our Winterfest formal recital.

Attending a Performance Class gives students a great opportunity to “pass off” their recital song to their teacher in a constructive and low- stress environment. Teachers will go over all necessary details the students need to know for recital including how to announce their song, how to bow, what to wear, etc. The instructors will also record the student’s song title and indicate any needed equipment for the stage crew. Attendance at the Performance Class leading up to recital is mandatory.


At The Piano Place, we offer students multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. Two of these opportunities include formal performances, one at the end of the school year, which we call “The Piano Place in Concert” and another right before the holidays which we call “Winterfest!” Each of these performance opportunities gives the students experience playing in different settings as one is a casual concert (often outdoors) and the other is a formal recital. There will be minimal $10/ family participation fee for participating in the recital. These will be included in the invoice preceding the recital. No admission will be charged for recital attendees or their family members.

At The Piano Place, we strive to make our performances different than anything you have typically seen of a traditional music recital. We pull out all the stops as we decorate to a theme, serve refreshments or bring in food trucks, hire out professional lighting, photography, videography, host giveaways from various sponsors, honor our students in an awards ceremony, hire food trucks and much much more. These performances give our students something to work towards the entire year and is certainly one of our most anticipated events.

In addition to the two performances mentioned above, The Piano Place also provides additional monthly opportunities for students to perform in local events, festivals, concerts, competitions, jam nights and more throughout the year.

Students are also encouraged to put on shows of their own if they so choose. The Piano Place teachers and staff are happy to host any of the students in their own private concerts using the stages and equipment in either of our studio locations. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our students share their passion for music. Be in touch with your instructor if you would like to arrange a private show. We’d love to make it happen.

While they are not mandatory, students will be strongly encouraged to take advantage of performance opportunities. Instructors at The Piano Place are committed to helping ease the anxiety of performing by giving students all the tools they need to have positive performing experiences. A large part of setting the students up for a good experience lies in the students being prepared. Students that are not prepared by the designated Performance Class week may be asked not to participate in the recitals as a measure to prevent the student from having an embarrassing, stressful or negative performing experience.


At the beginning of each semester, parents, students and the instructor will hold a short conference during the first few minutes of the first lesson to discuss progress, evaluate goals, set expectations and address any other questions.

If possible, we ask for parents to please make other arrangements for little ones so each student can have the undivided attention of the parents and teachers. In addition, we hope to keep conversations brief enough to ensure adequate time is left to cover lesson material afterward the meeting.

If you are unable to attend the parent teacher conference with your student, please contact your child’s teacher and arrange for another meeting by phone or in person at your convenience.

Additional conferences with instructors or The Piano Place Administration will be arranged upon request.


The Piano Place has created a unique system that rewards its students for consistent daily practice. Each student has an equal chance at success regardless of skill level or age because it is all based on dedicated practicing.

Here’s how it works:

Students must have an official Piano Place notebook, which can be purchased for $7/each to participate. Each week the students will have the opportunity to write down their practicing in the designated chart in their notebook. Students are instructed to fill in their practicing time throughout the week as they go. Please note that filling out the chart after the fact or all at once at the end of the week is not honest, as it often does not accurately represent the practicing that was done. It is also essential the students are the ones to take responsibility of filling out the charts.

At the end of the week students should approach parents and ask them to sign their practice slip. Parents sign to confirm that they observed their child practice and students sign giving their word that their record of their practicing is accurate and honest. No points will be awarded for practice logs that have missing signatures.

If students meet their specified practicing goal they will receive 5 points, which is the maximum allotted amount. This score will be recorded on a practice chart in the front of their notebook. In the event that a signature is missing or the specified goal wasn’t met, it will be up to the teacher’s discretion to award the student with a 4, 3, 2, 1 or 0 as it corresponds with their effort and practicing for the week. Students who receive more than 3 zeros may be subject to a Parent Teacher Conference.

With the points earned, students are given the choice to immediately spend their points in The Piano Place store or they can save up points to go towards bigger items at the store.

During recital week, all the scores throughout the semester will be added and recorded. An awards ceremony will be held at the semi-annual recitals to reward the top practicers with an official Piano Place medal. Students must perform in the recital in order to be eligible to receive an award.


The Piano Place runs almost exclusively on word of mouth. For that reason we so appreciate the help in getting our name out there. We would like to offer a $25 credit for any referrals sent our way that lead to the enrollment of a new student.

It’s easy to redeem the $25 credit… please take note of the conditions below:

  • The referred student must not just inquire, but enroll.
  • A referral to a family with more than one student counts as only one referral.
  • To redeem a referral credit please email and specify the name of the family you referred in the body of the email. Accounts will be credited the month following the enrollment of the referred student.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals that may be given and therefore, to the number of tuition credits that can be earned so long as The Piano Place is accepting new students.So please don’t hesitate to share with family, friends and neighbors. Thank you for your support!


The Piano Place invites parents and students to frequently and openly communicate their assessment of how they feel lessons are going and any feedback they have. Some of the best ways to stay connected to your instructor are:

Attending Lessons: Parents are always invited but never required to attend lessons at The Piano Place. Parents know their children best and usually know whether their presence will serve as more of a distraction or a benefit to the student. It is important that our instructors be seen as the authority in charge during lesson time. So if ever the parent presence distracts from this, the teacher may request looking into other arrangements. One great way to touch base is to pop in at the beginning or end of the lesson and take that opportunity to talk with the teacher.

Notebooks: The Piano Place Notebooks provide a great way to open communication between parents, students and instructor. Please use the notebook to stay updated on the assignments and expectations from your teacher each week, as well as add any of your own feedback in the comments section.

Bottom Line: If anything within the lessons is not going like you would hope or if you would like to see anything different in the lessons, do not be shy in letting us know. The Piano Place instructors are trained to use any and all feedback to better customize the lessons to the specific goals and desires of the student. As teachers, we try to be as receptive as possible but can’t possibly know you would like the students to be pushed harder or the workload pulled back, etc… unless you tell us. Our teachers will easily adapt and adjust to find the perfect balance you are looking for.

What we know for certain is that learning an instrument isn’t always easy… but it is for everyone. At The Piano Place we are confident that we have an instrument and instructor for every personality type, learning ability and goal… big or small! All students go through a series of ups and downs in music lessons… it is normal! Open communication between parents, teachers and students is the number one component to ensuring success. If an instructor ever needs to adjust or reassess the plan of action, we are more than happy to do that. We are committed in every way to finding the perfect situation for you and your family.

Parents looking for more great tips on How To Ensure Success For Your Music Students, click here! <<link to parent tip blog post>>


Stay updated with the latest happenings at The Piano Place!

We send frequent emails, so please make sure we have your preferred email on file. If you don’t get our emails or want to change where we send them, please email

INSTAGRAM: @thepianoplace

FACEBOOK: The Piano Place (general page)


At The Piano Place we are committed to providing the most enjoyable learning experience possible for every student that walks through our doors. We know learning an instrument can be difficult; we’ve been there! We hope even when it gets hard that our students will look forward to coming to the studio, seeing their teachers and being among friends. We love our students and want to make the process of learning an instrument as fun and fulfilling as possible! Thank you for your support!

The Piano Place reserves the right to change any of the above policies at any time by updating our policies tab on our website and by sending an update notice to our current mailing list. Please check in often so you are aware of any important changes or announcements.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email or call 801-893-2417.

Lessons can be paid in one of two options, either month-to-month or by semester ($15 discount).

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