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At what age would you recommend starting children in music lessons?

At The Piano Place, we don’t believe there is any single magic age for when to start a child in lessons. Every child is different and — as with students at any age — much of the success is ultimately dependent on the child’s desire. We do, however, notice a strong correlation between a young child’s reading/ learning level and their overall ability to pick up on beginning music concepts. You know your child best, but this might be the best way to gauge your child’s readiness to start lessons. While we currently teach students as young as five years old with great success, we would ideally recommend starting the average child around age seven years old.

I took lessons when I was younger and would love to pick it back up… am I too old?

Absolutely not! We have students from ages 5 to 85 coming through the studio and experiencing great success! Maybe you took lessons when you were little and want to pick it back up again or maybe you have never taken before — either way, we would love to help you fulfill your dream to play an instrument! Click here to read Kristin’s story.

What fees are involved in taking lessons at The Piano Place?

In addition to tuition, the only other fees that will ever be required is a $7 charge to cover our cost of printing the official Piano Place notebook you will receive at your first lesson. These notebooks should last at least a year and contain important lesson resources. Minimal fees are also associated with participating in recitals.

Do I need to have access to an instrument to begin instruction?

Access to an instrument is essential to begin lessons, since daily practice is necessary to improve. Most smaller electronic keyboards or starter instruments are acceptable for beginning students. We have also had students without access to an instrument in their home practice on a neighbor’s or even go to a nearby church meetinghouse to use the pianos located there.

If I’m not quite ready to buy an instrument, do you have any recommendations for where to rent a good one?

Yes! Please email us at for recommendations and we will be happy to put you in touch with the right people.

Do you have a recommendation for a good piano tuner?

At The Piano Place, we always take the latest recommendation from The Piano Gallery. We always ask for Mike and he points us in the right direction.

Can I play what I want to play?

Of course! At The Piano Place, we recognize that everyone has different tastes in music. We have an extensive library of songs and resources and guarantee we can find something fun for everybody to enjoy. Our main goal at The Piano Place is to enable you with the skills through lesson books and fundamental technique to eventually be able to anything, including all those radio songs you love! How fast you get to that point will all depend on you, so practice, practice, practice!

How often do I need to practice?

At The Piano Place, we understand that every student is different has completely different goals in learning to play an instrument. Practice times will be discussed and decided upon between student, parent and instructor. It is our goal to find a common ground between what the instructor believes the student is capable of and what the parent and student realistically think they can manage. Whatever number we decide on together, the instructor will hold you to! Regardless of the amount of minutes decided on, practicing is typically required 5 days a week, leaving one free day and one day to brush up your repertoire. Making a habit of daily practice is one of the fastest keys to success in learning an instrument.

My teachers always talks about my repertoire… what does that mean?

Repertoire is a compilation of songs in one binder that are all performance-ready. It is important to keep repertoires polished, so one day a week should be solely devoted to polishing your repertoire. Typically the songs in your repertoire are ones you have worked on for an extended amount of time, such as a recital or other performance. We encourage our students to view their repertoire as a bank of songs that they can always have ready in case someone asks them to play. We’re convinced that the most fulfilling part of learning an instrument is when you can play when called on or when an opportunity to perform comes around.

How do we know what books we need to get? And where do we get them?

At The Piano Place, the instructors will make a list of books and other materials needed for the parents during the Parent Teacher Conference at the first lesson of the semester. It will be the parent’s responsibility to obtain those materials and have them ready for the lesson. We frequently use as they carry most everything we use. Teachers will additionally send emails or text messages if they need anything else throughout the semester. After a student finishes any given book, parents can sell them to other parents by posting on our private Facebook page (The Piano Place) where many families often need the same books.

Does The Piano Place have a lost and found?

We absolutely do! Each location has a designated lost and found bin where the teachers put anything that gets left behind. If you are missing something, please check these bins! We donate or giveaway whatever is left if it is not claimed by the end of the semester.

My child came home needing to get Bea’s Keys... what are they and where do I get them?

Bea’s Keys are a system of laminated flash cards that fit exactly on the keys of the piano. This study aid helps students not only identify notes on a staff, but also their corresponding position on the piano. They have proven to be highly effective in helping students learn and recognize the notes. We have a studio-wide goal for each student to complete their Bea’s Keys in under one minute. Once this goal is completed, the student is inducted into the Bea’s Keys hall of fame! To order your own set of Bea’s Keys to use at home please visit

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