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Our talented instructors include former contestants featured on American Idol & The Voice, the lead singer of “Foreign Figures” (one of Utah’s hottest bands), two featured pianists from Salt Lake City’s esteemed Roof Restaurant & many more.

The Piano Place Story


Semi-Annual Recitals

These are not your average music recitals. The Piano Place recitals include themed decorations, refreshments, professional lighting, photography, an awards ceremony & more.

Music Lesson Types

Private Music Lessons [1:1]

Private Music Lessons [1:1]

1-on-1 teacher to student instruction. Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons. Good to get the most out of your lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons [2:1]

Semi-Private Lessons [2:1]

2-on-1 lessons. Good for instruments like guitar, ukulele & voice where multiple instruments can be used at once.

Group Lessons [3+:1]

Group Lessons [3+:1]

3+ students to 1 teacher. These provide a fun social aspect to learning an instrument while keeping the cost down.



Groups of 7+ meeting on a topic of the teacher’s specialty. Frequently offered in the summer, but also throughout the year.

Musical Instruments



88 keys of pure awesome.


Man’s {second} best friend.


Use it or lose it!


Channel your inner islander.


Hope you like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Write a song… and play it, too!

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23 & 24

February 2018

Open Mic Nights! 6pm
Friday – Lehi; Sat – Draper

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Adult Lessons: Kristin’s Story

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Kristin Jolley

My son and I both take lessons at The Piano Place -- he takes guitar and I take piano. I love how they go out of their way to match the student with the teacher. My son ADORES his teacher, Lindsey Tait, and they clicked from day one.

I love that they also accommodate adult students and meet my needs just as well as my 12-year-old's. Definitely fulfilling #makingmorethanmusicians.

We love The Piano Place!

Kristin Jolley / parent & student
Sasha Johnson

The Piano Place is so organized and they have a reward system in place to encourage practicing at home.

We have been taking lessons here a little over three months and my six-year-old daughter is working on her first recital piece, "Pop Goes the Weasel." She likes to play it for anyone who comes to our house.

Sasha Johnson / parent
Heidi Zackrison

I've been playing the piano for about 10 years, but I never really felt like I enjoyed it or that I would ever progress with it until I found The Piano Place!

I feel like a whole new pianist! I've moved up so much faster than I had all the years before. Not only do I enjoy playing now, but it has become a passion.

Thank you so much to The Piano Place for changing my life!

Heidi Zackrison / student
Janet Astle

We have had an awesome music experience at The Piano Place!

The teachers are amazing at motivating students... even getting teenagers to practice and love what they are playing! They make it so fun and our girls are quickly progressing!

We highly recommend The Piano Place!

Janet Astle / parent